turin shroud real after all?

At a time of year when the country becomes obsessed with death and the supernatural, October’s Good News evangelistic newspaper reveals fascinating news on the Turin Shroud controversy. 

The Shroud, which carries an unexplained image of a crucified man and is thought by many to be the burial sheet of Christ, has been written off as a fake many times. But new scientific research shows that the stains on the cloth are real blood from a tortured man – like Christ. In 1989 the cloth was dated to the Middle Ages, but more recent tests give dates consistent with the time of Jesus.

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VACANCY – Good News Administrator

Do you have the God given gift of administration? Do you have a passion for serving God in making the Gospel message known and supporting others in their evangelism?

We are prayerfully looking for someone who can provide the vital administration duties for the Good News team. This is a self-employed, part-time role supporting the publication and distribution of the Good News paper.

The duties involve:

The successful applicant must be in sympathy with our Christian ethos and aims, supportive of the Good News paper as a means of personal evangelism, organised, thorough, used to dealing with fellow Christians and others by telephone, letter or email, familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel, and work as part of a team. Hours are to suit the person working from home whilst meeting the monthly time schedule of the paper. Location is not critical, although an East Midlands location would be ideal. Attendance at three Trustees meetings a year (March, June, October) is required.

We are able to offer a small, monthly honorarium and other office and travel expenses will be provided. If you believe you are suitable for this role and that God is prompting you, please contact our Chairman, Phillip Bounds on 01332 702742 or email: goodnewsfinance1@gmail.com.

We are looking to have someone in place by early New Year (2018) to effect a good handover with the current Administrator.


Good News is coming to the south-west next month.

We are planning a special day to encourage those who already use the paper and inspire other churches to begin. 

If you live in the south-west of England it would be great to meet you and share ideas on how best to use the paper to spread the Gospel. And if you know other churches who are struggling in their evangelism or want to explore a tried and tested method, do encourage ministers or church leaders to come and find out how Good News can help.

This free event will be at Pinhoe Road Baptist Church (pictured) on Pinhoe Road in Exeter, Devon (EX4 7HZ) on Saturday 28th October from 10am to 4pm. Refreshments will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

Please let us know if you are coming – email our Chairman, Phill Bounds, at goodnewsfinance1@gmail.com or tel 01332 702742. Our local contact is Rev David Cole: email: davecgom@aol.com or tel 01392 259673.


In the September/Harvest issue of Good News evangelistic newspaper, Nelson Mandela’s prison chaplain reveals the secret of South Africa’s peaceful end to apartheid.

Rev Colin Chambers befriended Mandela in Robben Island jail, and recalls how the Christian faith of both Mandela and South Africa’s last white president was crucial to the bloodless transition. Mandela saw that forgiveness was the only way to reconciliation.

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