easter issue is 'good news' for the uk

Hundreds of churches across the UK are using the April edition of Good News evangelistic newspaper to share the good news of Jesus this Easter. Have you tried it yet?

This low-cost, full-colour tabloid-style paper with testimonies of celebrities and ‘ordinary Christians’ is the UK’s leading monthly outreach newspaper – because churches, individual Christians and city missions have found that it works. 

The back page has space for your local contact details and invitation, and inside there is a guide to finding Jesus for those who want to make a commitment to Christ.

Easter-themed features include:

EASTER – WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? – We explain in easy English what happened at Easter and why it is vital to believe it

EASTER IS REAL! – Encounter in Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb convinces British army general that the Resurrection is true

J JOHN ON ‘APRIL FOOLS’ – Easter Sunday this year is on 1 April, April Fool’s Day, but Anglican evangelist J John explains that real foolishness is not believing it

DATING CONFIRMS JESUS’ TOMB AUTHENTIC – Latest research backs belief that the site in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre really is where Jesus died and rose again

MARY MAGDALENE MOVIE – New film in cinemas in time for Easter, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, looks at Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

Also in this issue…

GREGORY PORTER – Grammy-winning Jazz singer shares his gospel roots

BRIAN COX – The popular TV professor says science cannot disprove God

TRIBUTES TO TWO LEGENDS – Football stars Cyrille Regis and Jimmy Armfield both knew where they were going after the final whistle

GWEN STEFANI – The No Doubt singer has no doubts about God’s inspiration

OH HAPPY DAY – Writer of this classic gospel song, Edwin Hawkins, is now happy in heaven

QUEEN OF THE COMMONWEALTH – How the Queen has kept her vow to God to serve the Commonwealth

MARVEL ARTIST DRAWS REAL SUPERHERO – Comic artist Sergio has drawn Superman, Iron-Man, Wonder Woman and a host of heroes but his own superhero is Jesus. We also have a competition to win his ACTION STORYBOOK BIBLE

EVEN ATHEISTS PRAY – New survey finds a fifth of non-believers do turn to prayer in a crisis

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solving the prison crisis

The lead article of the March issue of Good News evangelistic newspaper tells how Christian programmes in prisons can cut re-offending rates from 78 per cent to 18 per cent.

The man behind the success of several such initiatives is Rev Paul Cowley – a former alcoholic atheist who served time behind bars himself, but whose life has been transformed by the same Jesus he shares with prisoners.

Also in this issue:

MIRACLE MAN – How a disabled man called Miracle lives up to his name

I CAN’T ‘BEAR’ A DAY WITHOUT PRAYER – Survival expert Bear Grylls says he survives on prayer

OPRAH WINFREY’S HYMN – Oprah sings ‘I surrender all’ on TV

WORLD’S BEST SIGNS OFF WITH THANKS – Former Brazil and Real Madrid striker Kaka ends his career how he lived it – with gratitude to God

COOL OPERATOR – British Winter Olympian Adam Pengilly tells how his faith impacts his new work for the International Olympic Committee

NEW BEATS FOR THE BEATITUDES – Poets and world class musicians launch an album based on Jesus’ teachings

FROM SUICIDAL BOY TO COMMUNITY HERO – How a ‘no-hoper’ found God and has been awarded an MBE for services to his community

HOPE FOR MENTAL HEALTH – Music therapist says the hope of the Christian faith can be the key to mental health

WHEN THE ‘FIRE’ FELL ON BRITAIN – History author recalls Christian revivals in the UK and says many believe the faith will be revived here again

TOTS’ TOP QUESTIONS – New survey shows the top four questions that children ask are spiritual questions

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Good News is an excellent way to reach your community with God's good news, but by adding your church or organisation's details or local message to the paper you can build a stronger presence in your locality and invite people to your church services or outreach event.

There is a box on the back page for stamping or sticking your church or organisation's contact details, message or invitation. But if you have a large order and would prefer to have those details professionally laid out and printed directly onto the paper – across the entire bottom of the back page – we offer a localisation service. This is available at the two biggest outreach times of the year – Christmas and Easter, when churches tend to order more copies.

The minimum print run for localising used to be 1,500 copies – we have now been able to reduce this to 1,000 copies, allowing more customers to take advantage of this service. Not only that, since moving to our new printer we have also been able to reduce prices by around 30 per cent!

What you get:

       1. Your message/invitation/service details/contact details in the large space at the bottom of the back page. We suggest 200 words maximum to avoid it looking too crushed.

       2. Your greeting in a box on the front cover. There is space for a short seasonal message or your church name. For example, you could say 'With the Compliments of Sometown Evangelical Church', 'St Peter’s Special Issue', 'A Gift from Anytown Baptist Church' or 'Christmas/Easter Greetings from Thistown Methodist Church'.

3. Proof provided for you to check. Note: If your approval is not received in time for the printing, it will not go ahead.


The price includes everything: the papers themselves, plus layout, printing, proof and delivery:

1000 copies        £370

1500 copies        £400 (previously £550)

2000 copies        £430 (previously £600)

2500 copies        £460 (previously £650)

3000 copies        £490 (previously £700)

3500 copies        £520 (previously £750)

4000 copies        £550 (previously £800)

4500 copies        £580 (previously £850)

5000 copies        £610 (previously £900)

Please note these prices may change - check with Editor for latest.

To book your localised issue:

Please contact the Editor, Andrew Halloway, by email at: goodnewseditor@ntlworld.com 

Deadlines:  If you would like to book a localised version of any particular month's issue, please contact the Editor at least six weeks in advance of publication date (e.g. for the April/Easter issue this year, by 14 February). The Editor can also tell you the last date by which you need to supply text and copy, and the last date by which we need your approval of the proof in order to get your edition printed on time. Obviously, to be in advance of these deadlines is helpful.



As plans get under way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage in May, Good News celebrates the fact that the young royals have chosen a church wedding.

They didn’t have to ‘go Christian’ but the couple not only chose the church in Windsor Castle but Meghan is both being baptised and confirmed, and the Archbishop of Canterbury says they are serious about faith.

More on that story in the February issue of Good News, which also includes:

LOOKING FOR LOVE – Top porn star finds God’s love and turns her back on the industry

MOVIE MAGIC – Actors tie the knot for real on set of new movie

TEA-TOWEL ROMANCE – Community centre volunteers fall in love while washing the dishes together

MILITARY WIDOW FINDS PEACE AFTER VISION – Why Brenda Hale knows her husband is in a better place

DENZEL STANDS UP FOR FAITH – Denzel Washington says he’s “unashamed and unafraid” to share the Christian message

DYLAN DEBATE IS OVER – People argue over legendary singer Bob Dylan's faith - but he's never lost it

PREMIERSHIP KEEPER BORN AGAIN – Crystal Palace keeper Julian Speroni’s career is born again – like his spiritual life

SCOTTISH RUGBY HONOURS ERIC LIDDELL – Cap reissued for the missionary who not only inspired Chariots of Fire but played rugby for Scotland

DISCOVERY NEWS – 4,000-year-old marriage contract shows Bible’s Abraham story is authentic

ANGELS AMONG US TODAY Part 2 – More people testify to angelic interventions

Plus all our regular features, including Film Focus, ASK Y, Flavours to Savour, To Coin a Phrase, Britain's Holy Places, crossword, sudoku, cartoon, etc.