But sadly, the latest Government restrictions mean we will be stopping the printed version of Good News until June when, God-willing, a summer issue will be printed. However, this special issue with a coronavirus message will be designed soon and available to read - FOR FREE AS USUAL - on our website. Just click on the image on the home page and follow the instructions.

In these depressing and distressing times caused by the coronavirus crisis, what people need is hope – and the greatest hope in the world comes through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The summer issue of Good News (first online, then printed later) will lead with a special message for those afraid of the coronavirus. The front page article will be headlined 'PEACE IN THE STORM' and will say: "The world is being shaken by the coronavirus – but we can have peace even in the storm.” It will continue by sharing how we can have the peace that ‘passes all understanding’, the peace of Christ, to give us strength to face not only this coronavirus outbreak but whatever storms of life we may experience in the years to come. 

Of course, everyone must follow the latest restrictions announced by the Government, and all precautions must be taken when distributing printed copies as soon as the Government restrictions allow. 

Finally, please note that our Good News Day in London on 25 April has had to be cancelled due to the current situation, as has Spring Harvest and Keswick Convention.

EASTER edition still going out

Page 1 March 19

The Easter issue of Good News is bringing good news to communities across the country who are facing the constant drip of bad news due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some copies are still available to order.

Easter-themed features in our April edition:

Also in this issue:

… Plus all your favourite regular features such as our challenging Sudoku, Good Gardening, Film Focus, fun crossword and tasty recipe.

Click here to see inside the April issue.

good news day in london - cancelled

Our Good News Supporters Day  Saturday 25 April at Campsbourne Baptist Church in north London has sadly had to be cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.


Trevor Casting Your Nets



An outreach training initiative called Casting Your Nets is available to churches across the country.

Casting Your Nets is a training programme that makes evangelism easy for everyone. The         
brainchild of Outreach UK Director Trevor Dickerson, it is a partnership between Outreach UK, 
Good News evangelistic newspaper and gospel booklet publisher Pocket Testament League.

Trevor says: "Casting Your Nets is an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple for all church members. Evangelism has too often been the ministry of a few enthusiasts rather than every individual Christian. Casting Your Nets shows how this can change. The practical training we offer equips every church member to share their own faith in Jesus Christ. But we not only equip Christians with the know-how of outreach, but also show them how to use some of the most effective materials."

Those materials are Good News itself and the gospel booklet 'Love is the Bridge', published by the Pocket Testament League, which contains the gospel of John (NIV) and a simple explanation of how Jesus bridges the gulf between us and God. Good News is an excellent give-away for starting conversations and Love is the Bridge makes a great follow-up for people who show an interest.

Casting Your Nets equips and resources ordinary Christians to meet Jesus' call to 'cast your net' on the right side of the boat - where the fish are. 

For more information on how your church can benefit from Casting Your Nets, contact Trevor on 0300 1231990 or see