Contact our office for a free sample pack or to order your copies. You can buy copies as and when you would like, or have an ongoing monthly order. Good News is sold in multiples of 25 and we send you an invoice (payable by cheque or bank transfer); minimum order 25, unless you would like an annual subscription, which is available for 1 to 20 copies. Good News costs 20p per copy however many you buy, but p&p prices vary according to the number of packs you purchase. See our Costs page for examples. Prices for subscriptions are below. Please allow up to a week for delivery of your order.

Tel: Freephone 0300 102 7206. Please note that the office is not manned 24/7 but we will get back to you as soon as possible if you leave a message.

Email: See the Contact section of this site to email for Orders & Samples


There is no deadline for orders each month, but the earlier you order the less chance there is of disappointment. 
Please allow up to a week for delivery of your papers. 


If you would just like an annual subscription, please email or write to us with your request, including your name, address, tel. no, quantity required and which month's issue you would like your year's subscription to start with. See the Contact section of this site to email Orders & Samples or tel: 0300 102 7206 (calls are free). An invoice for the full year will be sent with your first order. These prices include p&p:

1 copy       £20.20
2 copies    £22.70
3 copies    £25.20
5 copies    £37.90
10 copies  £56.50
15 copies  £81.00
20 copies  £94.00

Please note that you must be 16+ to subscribe, or if you are giving a gift subscription to someone who is 16 or under, you must provide details of parental or guardian permission.


Good News is an excellent way to reach your community with God's good news, but by adding your church or organisation's details or local message to the paper you can build a stronger presence in your locality and attract people to your church services or outreach event.

There is a box on the back page for stamping or sticking your church or organisation's contact details, message or invitation. But if you have a large order and would prefer to have those details professionally laid out and printed directly onto the paper - across the entire bottom of the back page - we offer a localisation service for that at any time of year. At Christmas and Easter, you will also be able to have a short local greeting printed across the top of the front cover at no extra cost.

Minimum print run: 2,500 copies.

What you get:

1. Your message/invitation/service details/contact details in the large space at the bottom of the back page (see example opposite),  Localised version p8and a short greeting at the top of page 1 for Christmas and Easter issues only (see example above). We suggest 200 words maximum for the back cover, to avoid it looking too crushed. At Christmas and Easter, your church name can be printed on the front cover, or a short seasonal message like 'With the Compliments of Anytown Evangelical Church', 'Anytown Special Easter Issue', 'A Gift from St Peter's Church, Anytown', 'Christmas Greetings from Anytown Baptist Church', etc.

2. Proof provided for you to check. Note: If your approval is not received in time for the printing, it will not go ahead.

Price includes everything: the papers themselves, plus layout, printing, proof and delivery. Please note that for orders of 3,500 and over, the overprinting is FREE (i.e. it is the same price as ordering the normal issue).

*Same price as for same quantity of the normal issue.

Please note these prices are for UK mainland only (other areas may incur an extra charge) and may change - check with Editor for latest. For non-mainland UK, please ask for a quote.

Deadlines: If  you would like to book a localised version of any particular month's issue, please contact the Editor (see below) at least six weeks in advance of publication date. The Editor can also tell you the last date for booking a localised issue, the last date by which you need to supply text and copy, and the last date by which we need your approval of the proof in order to get your issue printed on time. Obviously, to be in advance of these deadlines is helpful.

To book your localised issue:

Please contact the Editor, Andrew Halloway, by email (see the Contact section of this site for an email form or the email address in Good News).