Tract coverThis full colour, brightly illustrated leaflet explains the good news of Jesus in a way that today’s generation can understand.

‘Good News for Everyone!’ shows how the gospel is good news for our past, our present and our future. It can be used with or without Good News newspaper. It both effectively explains what the paper is all about, and works independently as a stand-alone tract.

Used in conjunction with the paper, you can either enclose it with your deliveries or give it to people as you do follow-up. Alternatively, it works well on its own in any outreach.

The message – which you can read on the images below of the inside of the tract – is written by the editor of Good News newspaper and is adapted from a very popular article that appeared in Good News itself. The tract comes ready-folded and is printed on high quality paper.

Size folded: DL (one third of A4)

Price: £2.75 for each pack of 25, plus p&p. 

Total prices including p&p:

25 copies = £6.00
50 copies = £9.00
75 copies = £12.00
100 copies = £16.00
125 copies = £19.00
150 copies = £24.00
175 copies = £27.00
200 copies = £30.00
300 copies = £44.00
400 copies = £55.00
500 copies = £66.00

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Inside the tract:

The text continues on the back