Every blessing for this excellent work.

Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Absolutely excellent article! So much information and clarity packed into a short space. Persuasive, understandable and straight to the heart of the contended issues! What a timely piece, and bound to influence many in a positive way. [Comment on Good News editorial] 

Greg Haslam (1953-2021), Senior Minister of Westminster Chapel, London from 2002-2016

I admire the excellence of the Good News paper. It is well written, well produced and a valuable journalistic bridge-builder between the Christian world and the secular world. I am a regular reader and always enjoy reading it. I am particularly glad to know that Good News reaches many ex-offenders. Please keep up this good work.

Jonathan Aitken, Patron of Prison Fellowship UK; former MP and Government minister

The brilliant Good News newspaper is a very helpful resource for churches. The Editor pulls together compelling stories and tells them in a highly engaging way.

Peter Meadows, co-founder of Spring Harvest, Premier Christian Radio and The Y Course  

The newspapers are very well received and faces universally light up as I bring each new issue. My own church group, who get the odd copies left over, virtually fight over them to get a chance to read them! We will be increasing our order... I think this is the best publication I have ever seen. During the recent atheist campaigns, it was easy to become despondent. However, your articles at the same time blew all that away and helped revive my faith. God is really inspiring you on your choices and material. Please keep up the good work!

Brian Reid, co-leader of Warsash United Reformed Church, Southampton     

We have been following up the delivery of Good News, and the response has been better than expected ('O ye of little faith'!). So in future we shall need approximately 100 a month just to service those that want to continue receiving it, and then we want to go forward with another 100 with those we haven't been able to get an answer to on the door, as well as new ground. Praise God, what an encouragement!"

Peter Millist, Pastor at Artillery Street Baptist Church, Colchester   

I would like to congratulate and thank the Good News Fellowship for your newspaper. Here at HMP Doncaster we have a fellowship of about 30 dedicated Christians. Good News unites all of us Christians together and brings light into my life each month.

Chaplain, Doncaster prison         

WHAT OTHER good news users say

I never knew I could be an evangelist still, but I am going to tell my friend about Jesus and give her a copy of the paper!

Pensioner in her 80s from Norfolk

I love Good News. When you’re totally comfortable with an evangelistic aid such as this, then it makes witnessing so much easier. It’s so well put together. Interesting stories – often about celebrities that ordinary folk are interested in. Positive stories. Completely non-cheesy, so they’re not likely to turn folk off. Not ‘in-yer-face’, but subtle. Yet the gospel message is contained in all of them – constantly pointing to Jesus Christ. Wonderful. I wish everyone in Britain could regularly receive them.

Tom, Edinburgh

I want to congratulate you and your staff on a wonderful newspaper. It makes such a refreshing change and is an inspiring read! I found out about the Good News Newspaper from London City Mission, on a practical evangelism course, where they informed us how useful to them it was in their local missionary work. This month, my local church placed its first order to give out at our May Day Fayre. Thank you for everything you are doing, and I look forward to the next issue.

Martin, London

What an excellent paper Good News is, some really current stories, presentation and argumentation, it does a great job!

Charles, lay preacher in Somerset

For the past 8 months I have been distributing copies of Good News each month to the same people. I get them via Birmingham City Mission. I knock the doors to check if they still want it... I now have 115 people who have said they still want it!

Jean, Birmingham

I think the Good News paper is absolutely great and the editor does a fantastic job.

Paul, Elder at a Watford church

I've had some very encouraging feed-back from local people… So far only two people (out of several hundred) have directly said 'No' to receiving a copy. When most do receive their Good News they lay aside what they're doing and start straight into reading about the real Good News of Jesus… may Good News go from strength to strength!

Nick, Tain in Scotland

WHAT the evangelists SAY

The Good News newspaper is, in my experience, the finest piece of outreach literature I have come across in over 30 years of being an evangelical Christian.

Rob McEwen, evangelist, Hemel Hempstead

Good News is superb – the layout looks great and the testimonies are very powerful. I cannot wait to distribute the latest issue, praying that many will respond!

Duncan Hunter, itinerant evangelist, Manchester

Good News is a very useful tool for churches in their outreach programmes. It includes articles that suit a wide range of interests and provides an up-to-date means of sharing who Jesus is and how he has changed peoples’ lives. Because it is regularly produced it also gives opportunity for on-going contact with those who receive it, thus building relationships with many in our communities. For the ordinary church member, it also gives a reason for meeting and getting to know neighbours, and naturally sharing your faith.”

Trevor Dickerson, National Field Director, Outreach UK

Good News is encouraging, lively and relevant. Your desire and vision to see the paper blend in with the many others in the UK as a well-received conveyor of good news are excellent.

David Short, Doulos Senior Project Manager, Operation Mobilisation

We gave away over 850 papers and ran out of copies. We find that people accept the papers much more readily that they will accept a tract. In fact, sometimes people seeing us giving them out come and ask if they can have a copy. Also, we never found a single paper thrown away, which is what happens with some tracts.

David Jack, evangelist and church leader, Norfolk

Good News is excellent. Just what I need for door to door and market outreach. Keep up the good work.

Colin Johnson, Counties evangelist 

Good News is the best give-away outreach tool around!

Rob Stoba, evangelist 

Good News is full of interesting testimonies in a tabloid newspaper format. One church I work with in Dunstable found when community visiting that over 120 neighbours wanted Good News each month.

Neighbourhood Chaplains team member at Counties mission

This is one of the best evangelistic tools we have. Great to give to friends or family. I have been using this newspaper for around 20 years as I have visited door to door as an evangelist.

John Goodway, Outreach UK evangelist 

WHAT THE readers SAY

Despite not being religious, I very much enjoyed the paper, I thought there were some very interesting articles. Keep up the good work.

Neighbour receiving Good News in a door-to-door distribution, Trowbridge, Wiltshire             

I have been really blessed reading your paper. I have read every word in it. May God bless you abundantly to do it more.

Paul, Birmingham       

Thank you for the Good News newspaper. I have been incarcerated at HMP Exeter and have read at least half a dozen editions. I have enjoyed reading the true stories, and I also really like the layout and positivity of the headlines. I will be leaving soon and will definitely take one of the papers to show my fiancée.

Prisoner in HMP Exeter                

Thank you for producing such a fantastic paper. I try to collect one from my chapel here at Wymott every month. The stories are very inspirational and the paper is an excellent read.

Prisoner in HMP Wymott, Lancs.         

I must congratulate the Editor of Good News Paper. God guide you as you minister to the people with this wonderful paper! At Mildmay Uganda, a centre that specialises in taking care of people living with HIV and AIDS in the country, its staff and outpatients deeply appreciates your continuous supply of the paper. It is given out to a few staff members and the rest is given to the clients as they wait to receive treatment. The desire of the paper is constantly on the increase by both the staff and the clients. Two copies are put on Chapel notice board for the staff to read. Thank you ever so much for it!

Rev Galimaka-Kabalega David, Mildmay Hospital Uganda      

Someone put a Good News through my door, and I think it is wonderful! I have never seen one before, and now I have visited your website as well, and I’m very impressed. I’m a born again Christian, but I find this world a real trial every day, and how this newspaper lifted my spirits and gave me strength. It really is a marvellous read, spot on, up to date and relevant to today, whilst not losing the true message. Whoever put it through my door is doing a marvellous job of spreading the Word. I will be purchasing copies of Good News and sending them out through the post, and will pass them on to friends and family. My thanks to everyone involved in the Good News venture.”

Enid, Boston, Lincs. 


I love Good News! It does what it says 'on the tin' – warming the heart in telling how the gospel of Jesus has transformed individual lives in a sparkling, well-written way that captures the imagination and challenges the reader to consider his/her own destiny.

Charles Gardner, former Assistant London Editor of the South African Press Association and Sports Editor at the Selby Times, now on the board of Prophecy Today

Good News gets better and better. This issue is super. Congratulations. The pitch is just right. It’s lively and newsy; not preachy, not too intellectual but not too Daily Star or Sun, either.  And the Sports page on the back is a nice touch.

Louise Morse, Media and Communications manager, Pilgrims’ Friend Society

Just before going to the national news on my radio show I read one of the stories from the Good News paper. Great to have some positive and encouraging news to share.

Gordon Thorn, Hope FM Drive Show Presenter

Just wanted to congratulate you on what is a tremendously inspiring publication. It must take an awful lot of work and dedication. What a fabulous ministry you have with such a huge potential to change lives and influence people.

Denise Pfeiffer, freelance journalist, Leicester

Good News is great. I definitely believe this is a great tool for God’s kingdom. I would love some copies to use for outreach in our community.

Paul-Kayode Josh, former editor, The Christian Times