The Good News outreach newspaper is purchased by churches, Christian groups and individuals who give it to their friends, neighbours and contacts.

Although these users of Good News are our 'customers', Good News is not a business but a mission, set up to help churches take the Christian message to their community. For that reason, we do not regard distributors merely as customers, but as members of the Good News Team, partnering with us in outreach to the nation. Those who distribute a few copies are as important as those who distribute hundreds. 

Reflecting this sense of partnership between our distributors and ourselves, a Newsletter is sent free to distributors with their copies of Good News, offering evangelistic ideas, giving encouragement and sharing prayer requests. 

To help plan effective distribution, a free Good News advice sheet is available. See the Using Good News section of this site for details.  


"It's an excellent resource I always use, taking it to the men. Many, many thanks."

Bob Rumbelow, Free Church Chaplain, HMP Rye Hill, nr. Rugby

"We really appreciate the Good News newspaper... I was very impressed by the articles. We have some responses already."

Andrew Holland, March, Cambridgeshire

"We take supplies of the Good News outreach paper to churches where I preach, and they are readily taken up. They have commented on how professional the paper is, and how ideal it is for circulation among the community."

Colin Groome, Hemel Hempstead

"I give out Good News to neighbours and friends and have been encouraged that they read them. They are keen to receive them and it is making them think about Christianity. Keep up the good work."

Judith Squires, Brandon, Suffolk

"A lady who read Good News filled in the coupon on page 7 about committing your life to Christ. You put us in touch with her. She now attends our church. Also, two other ladies who filled in the coupon and we followed up have agreed to go on a Christianity Explored course!"

Church minister, Dorset