MAKing EVANGELISM EASYTrevor Casting Your Nets

A new outreach initiative called Casting Your Nets is available FREE to churches across
the country.

Casting Your Nets is a training programme that makes evangelism easy for everyone. The         
brainchild of Outreach UK's National Field Director Trevor Dickerson, it is a partnership between Outreach UK, Good News outreach newspaper and gospel booklet publisher Pocket Testament League.

Trevor says: "Casting Your Nets is an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple for
all church members. Evangelism has too often been the ministry of a few enthusiasts rather than every individual Christian. Casting Your Nets shows how this can change. The practical training we offer equips every church member to share their own faith in Jesus Christ. But we not only equip Christians with the know-how of outreach, but also show them how to use some of the most effective materials."

Those materials are Good News itself and the gospel booklet 'Love is the Bridge', published by the Pocket Testament League, which contains the gospel of John (NIV) and a simple explanation of how Jesus bridges the gulf between us and God. Good News is an excellent give-away for starting conversations and Love is the Bridge makes a great follow-up for people who show an interest.

Casting Your Nets equips and resources ordinary Christians to respond to Jesus' call to 'cast your net' on the right side of the boat - where the fish are. 

Our speakers can tailor the training to the needs of your church, whether in a home group setting or large seminar, for example, on a Saturday morning. There is also the option of practical sessions to help you put the training into practice in your neighbourhood.

The type of topics we can cover include: sharing your story; praying for opportunities; reaching your sphere of influence; best ways of using Good News newspapers and PTL Gospels in outreach; everyday opportunities for witness. We can work with you about what is best for your church – and cover the topics you most need.

For more information on how your church can benefit from Casting Your Nets, see or contact Trevor Dickerson on 0300 1231990.